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The red dot design museum is unique. It displays the world's largest and surely also the most unusual exhibition of contemporary design. Over 4,000 square metres of floorspace provide a showcase for around 1,500 products from across the globe - all of them winners of the red dot. The names of the designers and manufacturers read like a who's who of design. And all that in the breathtaking architecture of the former Zollverein colliery.

A watch or a bracelet, a mobile phone or a television set, a food processor or a car. Every one of us possesses a multitude of different objects, and each of those objects is a living example of our everyday preferences and product culture. Over 140,000 visitors each year can explore all the areas of daily life, such as kitchen utensils, furniture, cars, office furnishings, fashion accessories or tools.

All the products on show are winners from the red dot design award, one of the world’s leading and largest design competitions which is staged annually by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen. The best products of each year are awarded the red dot, the seal of quality for outstanding design achievements, by an international jury. The award-winning products are shown for four weeks each year in a special exhibition in the Stoker’s Hall at the red dot design museum. The products are then integrated in the permanent exhibition at the museum and displayed there for at least one year. 
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